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[06 Jan 2011|03:25pm]
Lets get out, freak out,
Find some place to explore and find out
What this thing between us could be.
The look in your eyes cant be denied.
I feel what you feel
and your wants are mine.
Come with me and lets see.

Here we are in the backseat
Sing a long to the back beat
808s make your body shake
Hit the floor like an earthquake

Pressed up against me
Body heat is rising
In the corner or in crowd
I dont care who's watching

I wanna take this down.

Here we are in the backseat
Sing a long to the back beat
808s make your body shake
Hit the floor like an earthquake
Sunday Morning

[02 Jan 2011|01:16am]
to smell the top of your head
as we roll around in the bed
there can be nothing better

all is good here
youre with me and everythings clear
nothing in this world we cant weather.

ill be eternally grateful
for what you have given me
being with you makes me hopeful
i hold you affectionately

how it was
how it shouldve stayed...

but now things have changed
youre feelings have rearranged
you dont look at me like you used to

i look at you like a statue
its as if im talking at you
where did the love go to?
Sunday Morning

[25 Dec 2010|11:01pm]
on this side of the fence this year
never thought i would end up here
christmas time has come again

they make it look so good on tv
i guess it just comes so easily
but playing the victim is just pretend.

im stepping on toes
two thumbs point back to me
now im the one causing misery

playing with emotions
i know i shouldnt have done
going through the motions
now my heart weighs a ton
and now there's tears
theyre not coming from me
i thought after all these years
id handle things differently

with another year past
as we pour full the glass
maybe ill learn from my mistake

the weather matches my mood
what i need is solitude
sorry i caused you heartache
Sunday Morning

[09 Aug 2010|01:54pm]
There are a few special moments between people, moments that will never be forgotten. Someone does some little thing, and you remember it for the rest of your life. My head is my heart's library. ~John Patrick Shanley
Sunday Morning

[20 Feb 2010|01:48am]
my car is broken...for the 3rd or 4th tiime. ive lost count.
my laptop is on the fritz...again.
still in love with my neighborhood though. and im getting by ok. my roommates are never home and ive gotten used to it. really starting to enjoy my alone time. made some new friends too.
this post may be a little random. just putting down facts right now to catch myself up.

mom is giving me her car and getting a new one next month. we've both had it with the drama of this one i got. living here has actually been really good for my family and i. ive never been the family type but ive been spending some serious time with them lately. partly because im depending on them for financial stuff (ha) but its almost...enjoyable? my sister cherayne isnt half bad sometimes, and germaine doesnt bug the shit out of me. hes going to be a dad very soon and hes my little brother. thats a weird concept to grasp.
i got a new blackberry because the old one died and i couldnt stand having a broken car/laptop/ AND phone.
i need dental work and the insurance company/dental office keeps giving me the run around. things are kind of ridiculous right now but ...yeah, im dealing.
i really want to take a summer course starting in june @ pcc. and i also want to get a second job. wasteland is great and my coworkers are the best but i need more. money. im scraping by with rent,utilities, food, etc. plus i know school books arent cheap and the root canal AND crown i neeed arent either.
time to pull myself up by the bootstraps and plow ahead.
more hard times to come but i think this time im getting somewhere...
Sunday Morning

[17 Oct 2009|12:41am]
ive officially been living in silverlake for a month and i allllmost have my head wrapped around this fact. almost.
so wierd being on my own away from the parents. frightening. but i like it. this place is fucking sweet. i lucked out with the location. i started watching tv again. i missed my shows. and ive discovered new ones. (GLEE!).

more later maybe.

Sunday Morning

[22 Sep 2009|07:11pm]

i live in silver lake.
im 23.
my car works.
my laptop crashed.

im happy. ;)
Sunday Morning

[05 Sep 2009|01:01am]
moving in 10 days to silverlake.

new job @ the wasteland in burbank is beyond amazing. love the space love the people LOVE the clothes.


Sunday Morning

[06 Aug 2009|06:57pm]
the stress of my current job + the stress of the interview process for this (hopefully) new one + the 2 kinda dates i had crashing and burning + no longer smoking = a very unstable grover right now.

ugh. not to say im not enjoying myself sometimes, its just that the stakes are higher now. and ive been running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

i need a little vacation from myself, hello birthday in 4 wks. 23? ...the fuuuck?

Sunday Morning

[30 Jul 2009|09:55pm]
im getting a little fat. prolly from quiting the cancer sticks. i knew this would come. and i dont have my gym membership right now cuz im trying to conserve for the new place/ getting my piece of shit car running and NOT overheating.

such is life. ugh.

"fat is a feeling, not a shape"
jay brannan

CANNOT wait for the Brand New tour in october. id kill anyone to get to jesse. he is mine.
Sunday Morning

[29 Jul 2009|06:00pm]
its hot as fuck in my room. its always hotter than any other room in the house in the summer, and colder in the winter. but this is the last ill have to deal with it.
deadlines are here. moms leaving dad and im peacing out to silverlake. my friend brett just got a a spot in the hills with a spare room and ive got my name all over it.
and hopefully this new place is coming with a new job. had a couple of interviews @ wasteland for the new one they are opening up in burbank.
dear GOD i hope i get it. AA can suck a vagina lip.

new beginnings all around!

im so nervous i could shit...again.

Sunday Morning

[15 Jun 2009|06:46pm]
sent in my resume for a media position @ this talent agency in westwood...
didnt work out. oh well, at least now i have an updated (kickass) resume and cover letter. :)
not gonna be upset about it because today i feel really good about myself and everything on this lovely laZy day off.
ive rediscovered the oc season 2 :).

works ok. people getting let go becuz dov thinks theres too many boys working @ my store. im now the only boy supervisor. wierd. and my cars running. albeit oddly sometimes. but hey i got my health and clear skin this week!

Sunday Morning

[31 May 2009|06:57pm]
hey lj,

i realized sometimes im really hard on myself to get to where i need to be. but i dont kno where i need to be, yet. i think im really old. but im 22. and i dont have any deadlines or anchors keeping me down. and i refuse to let peoples negative opinions effect the way i live my life.

"changing your perspective can change everything around you."

Sunday Morning

[19 Apr 2009|11:52pm]
im back on weelz :)
Sunday Morning

[13 Apr 2009|11:56pm]
just got back from san francisco last nite. the. best. time. i really cant put it into words. just a general good feeling i had all weekend while i was with my friends. it just felt like i was exactly where i was supposed to be and everyone was simply amazing. ive got to get up there more often. san fran is my new drug. i got alot closer with some friends ive had for a while too that live up there now. which is always a fun thing for me. realizing that someone you thought was amazing is ...even more amazinger. < 3 haha.

tonite was jenny lewis @ the glasshouse in pomona. i didnt think i was going to be able to make it because i was broke and exhausted from my weekend trip. however, natausha had an extra ticket and didnt want to go alone so she just gave it to me. SCORE. taush and i had a great time as expected. jenny lewis can do no wrong. her voice is like HEAVENN. and there were so many cute gay indie couples there! and one behind the merch booth who i was staring @ and when i walked up to look @ the shirts he recognized me from pasadena. made my day. for. sure. i dont know if he was a gay though. *le sigh** maybe fate will bring us together again someday.

didnt get a car today. going back to the lot on wed to see about that. i may have spent a lil too much in SF but i think i can still swing a down payment. if not ill get the car next week no if's and's or but's. fingers crossed for wednesday though.***

Sunday Morning

[08 Apr 2009|06:00pm]
me and my mom had a heart to heart while on the way home from car shopping today. bitch made me cry. i love her to death. i underestimate that woman sometimes. i forget how amazing she is. :)

in other news, going to san francisco this weekend for a couple of friend's birthdays (mainly chaddy pants!) and GUI BORATTO. he'll be bringing the sick beats from brazil and ill be bringing my dancing shoes. and then as soon as i get back im gettin a NEW CARRRRR. monday evening. SOO excited. so relieved. i went and checked out what this lot had to offer way down in ghetto el monte and i was pleasantly surprised. so glad things are turning around for the better. 09 has already brought so many good times and learning experiences. cant wait to see whts around the corner.

internship is still going AMAZINGLY well. i may be working there for a couple of weeks next month while Neal, the office manager, is out of town. aka ill finally be getting PAID. and then if fate allows itll be more than just temporary. itll be my foot in the door regardless. YAY PROGRESS.

alllsooo, ive officially been a NONsmoker for 4 weeks now. and i havent had many cravings. which is wierd becuz ive quit before and i felt like crying every day. but this time has been totally different and i rarely miss it. ive even been wasted out in weho and said no to a parliament. crazy! i know. and when im @ the gym i can actually BREATHE on the treadmill now. sweet relief.

actually headed to the gym now, which has been a regular routine as of late again too. :)
yayyy 09. yayy summerrrrr.


1 Came In With The Breeze On Sunday Morning

a list of things i look forward to [25 Mar 2009|10:06pm]
-gui boratto/ SF trip in a few weeks
-NEW(used) car ive been without wheels for far too long.
-deadmau5 in may/nicks bdayyy.
-EDC (2 days this yearrr. maybe too intense ill go to one tho for sure)
-moving out (this summer?)
- boyfriend(?)
2 Came In With The Breeze On Sunday Morning

[16 Mar 2009|08:01pm]
i sent in my resume to E! news online for this weekend gig. id be blogging and discussing celeb gossip. preeeetty much what i do already 24/7. they emailed me back asking for 3 sample blogs. which i did and have already responded. so now i just wait and see if they like it.

today was my day off so i used it to my full advantage for once. sent in my fafsa (finally), finished my taxes, went to the gym, did my grocery shopping for the week. so im pretty happy w myself. i came across this new blog by this guy davey wavey and its pretty interesting so in my free time ive been better acquainting myself with his website and twitter. its all positive thinking and ideas on a better life. which im all about.

ive been going over my finances and trying to see REALISTICALLY when i can move out on my own (or with a friend) and i just dont think i can do it by july. becuz first and foremost i need a new car. which i will be getting end of this month of beginning of april @ the latest. and after doing my taxes i realized im not gonna get back as much as i thought i would. double grr. so i need wheels and i need to make payments on my credit card bill and i need to save for a place.
but money is not the key to everything...

im exactly where i need to be in my life and things are gonna unfold the way they need to. im putting in the effort and the positive energy and the rest is up to the universe. so im not gonna sit back and wish "oh if i just had more money". im just gonna be calm and happy w the status quo and take everyday as it comes. and im not gonna HAVE good days, im gonna CREATE good days.

its all about perception. <3
Sunday Morning

[11 Mar 2009|10:04pm]
i need a new source of income. on top of what i make @ american apparel. shitty wages. i wanna put a plan into action. more on that later.

NO DOUBT THIS SUMMERRRRRRR. i was watching clips of them on youtube and got all excited and remembered why they are my favourite band. i mean hello, look @ my lj screenname. ;) my friend darren is going to fucking 13 shows this summer. thats intense. ill be ecstatic if i can make it to 3. i think im just going to wait till the last minute and just get my tickets off of craigslist. itll be totally worth it. i nEED to be up close. for their last tour i hugged gwen i was so close and so i cant go back to anything less.

this weekend is jam packed with fun shit to do. im hoping 70% of it actually happens. ill get back to you on what goes down.

Sunday Morning

[08 Mar 2009|05:03pm]
i have a sty and its going to pop...

any day now. i dont work today or tomorrow so it better be SOON. im going into hiding until it does. dont think i wont call out @ the office over a sty. cuz i fucking will. i feel like a pregnant lady trying to induce labor. im gross. and if i ruined anyones appetite reading this, my bad.
Sunday Morning

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