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me and my mom had a heart to heart while on the way home from car shopping today. bitch made me cry. i love her to death. i underestimate that woman sometimes. i forget how amazing she is. :)

in other news, going to san francisco this weekend for a couple of friend's birthdays (mainly chaddy pants!) and GUI BORATTO. he'll be bringing the sick beats from brazil and ill be bringing my dancing shoes. and then as soon as i get back im gettin a NEW CARRRRR. monday evening. SOO excited. so relieved. i went and checked out what this lot had to offer way down in ghetto el monte and i was pleasantly surprised. so glad things are turning around for the better. 09 has already brought so many good times and learning experiences. cant wait to see whts around the corner.

internship is still going AMAZINGLY well. i may be working there for a couple of weeks next month while Neal, the office manager, is out of town. aka ill finally be getting PAID. and then if fate allows itll be more than just temporary. itll be my foot in the door regardless. YAY PROGRESS.

alllsooo, ive officially been a NONsmoker for 4 weeks now. and i havent had many cravings. which is wierd becuz ive quit before and i felt like crying every day. but this time has been totally different and i rarely miss it. ive even been wasted out in weho and said no to a parliament. crazy! i know. and when im @ the gym i can actually BREATHE on the treadmill now. sweet relief.

actually headed to the gym now, which has been a regular routine as of late again too. :)
yayyy 09. yayy summerrrrr.


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